Kenyan Food Recipes


Mahamri is an alternative to bread or tea biscuits. It is sweetened and spiced. Mahamris are a specialty at the Kenyan coast. Coastal women prepare them for breakfast or even as an accompaniment for vegetarian dishes. WHAT YOU NEED TO PREPARE MAHAMRI Iliki – Swahili for cardamom Amira – Swahili […]

Sources Of Vitamin B12


To feel good both physically and mentally, you need to get enough Vitamin B12. There are a variety of foods that are a good source of Vitamin B12 so that you don’t experience a deficiency from not getting enough. Most animal products are full of Vitamin B12 so vegetarians and […]

Onions – To Cry For


What would a recipe be like if we did not have onions? The distinctively pungent smell and taste of onions rounds out the flavours of almost any type of cuisine. For centuries, onions have added value to our cuisine and have also been thought of as having therapeutic properties. The […]

The Food of James Bond

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One of the big differences between the James Bond books and the films are that while 007 is hardly seen to eat in the film series – he is well known for drinking however – the books often feature exquisitely described meals that are a highlight of Ian Fleming’s writing. […]

The Ten Best High Energy Foods


Many people skip breakfast believing that it’s a good way to lose weight. Then half way through the morning they begin to feel haggard and are ready to drop. They run for a quick fix of energy – a chocolate bar, soda, or even worse, one of the new energy […]

Benefits of Plant-Based Proteins Versus Animal-Based


Today we look at the major differences of animal based versus plant-based protein shakes, as well as offer a bonus selection of natural smoothie recipes in which your chosen protein can be incorporated. Diet Restrictions & Allergies A plant-based protein shake is the better option for most people with restrictive […]

Yummy Quintessential Indian Dish – Sambar


Food with high nutritional benefits aids us to evade the risk of ailments. A common notion which is prevailing among people is that a highly nutritious food would not taste or smell good. The pre-conceived notion about nutritious foods can be broken down by typical Indian lentil based delectable vegetable […]

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