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10 Proof That SEX is Healthy for The Body Therapeutically
It isn’t a secret. Intercourse a good taste. Your friendship with your partner will continue.
You know that having sex offers a myriad of health benefits in addition to the personal
benefits received. What are the benefits of having body health love?
In this post, find out. .

Know the various benefits of making love for health.

1. Prevent heart disease

Prevent heart disease

Homocysteine ​​is a chemical in the body which if excessive amounts can cause blood clots in the heart. This blood clot in your heart makes you vulnerable to heart attacks and other heart problems.

Numerous studies have shown that having sex can help prevent the buildup of homocysteine ​​substances by encouraging blood circulation.

However, the results of the study said that men more obtain the benefits of having sex than by women.

2. Sleep more soundly

Sleep more soundly

You may immediately get sleepy and tired after enjoying sex. Take it easy, and you are not alone. Precisely this can be the benefits of making love for your health.

The reason is, you sleep more soundly. After orgasm, the human body will indeed release the hormone prolactin, which can make you very comfortable and easily sleepy.

3. Improve brain function

brain function

Research has found that people who have sex regularly have increased brain function. A study from Oxford University in the UK also said that the benefits of making love would also support your memory. When making love, there are many new cells in the brain that grow, and the inflammation process will also be reduced.

4. Prevents ageing

Prevents ageing

Dr David Weeks, a psychology doctor from Royal Edinburgh Hospital in England, said that satisfying sex could indeed improve your quality of life.

Also, having sex helps prevent ageing on the face, both for men and women. Furthermore, dr. David explains that people who regularly make love tend to look a few years younger than their actual age.

This is thought to be because the release of HGH hormones and endorphins after sex can improve the health of your skin by preventing sagging and wrinkles.

5. Helps pain

Helps reduce pain

The aches and pains do make sleep, or daily activities disrupted. Did you know, having sex can pain in the body? Yes, an orgasm that stimulates blood flow can make a pain in certain body parts, for example, in the head, so a little reduced.

The aches and pains do make sleep, or daily activities disrupted. Did you know, having sex can pain in the body? Yes, an orgasm that stimulates blood flow can make a pain in certain body parts, for example, in the head, so a little reduced.

Not only headaches, having sex before menstruation can even relieve PMS symptoms such as menstrual pain or stomach cramps.

Dr Alyse Kelly-Jones, an obstetrician and speaker from the United States, also stated that orgasm could strengthen pelvic floor muscles by improving blood flow to the genitals. This can help menstrual cramps.


Reducing stress

The benefits of sex for health can be felt when the hormones dopamine and endorphins released make you feel pleasure, satisfaction, and relief from orgasm after sex.

Having sex is also a physical activity that is fun and can improve your mood and the appearance of stress signals sent to the brain.

7. Burn calories

Burn calories

Dr Naomi Greenblatt, a mental health specialist who also serves as medical director at the New Rocking Chair clinic in New Jersey, said that sex could burn up to 250 calories.

Yes, after making love, you might be breathing hard and breathing and feeling tired like someone who has been exercising. That’s why sex can be a fun and exciting way to burn excess calories in the body.

So, it has been proven that making love is good for the health of the human body, right? Do not hesitate anymore to invite couples to make love tonight.

8. Strengthen the immune system

Strengthen the immune system

According to sexual health experts. Dr Yvonne Fulbright, Ph.D., people who frequently make love less sick than those who rarely have sex. It also can be said that having sex can protect your body from bacteria or viruses that cause disease.

This was also recognized by the research team from Wilkes University in Pennsylvania where researchers found that students who had sex once or twice a week had higher of specific antibodies compared to students who had less sex.

Actually, having sex is not the only way that you can not get sick quickly. Having sex must be accompanied by the following things to keep your secure:

  • Must still eat healthy food
  • Stay active and exercise
  • Have to sleep enough
  • Use a condom if you or one of your partners has a sexual disease

9. Mood booster

Mood booster

When having sex, there are a number of endorphins that are released from your body. This compound is issued by the body during intercourse and can affect your feelings. When the body secretes this hormone, your mood will feel good, and other effects that can be explored are such as the level of anger and a sense of depression that is reduced.

In addition, there is another hormone oxytocin that comes out when released with nipple stimulation and other sexual activity. This hormone’s effect is similar to the benefits of nursing mothers. When the oxytocin hormone is released, the body can create a feeling of calm and satisfaction.

During sex and finally, you have an orgasm, and there is hormone prolactin that escapes out of your body. Prolactin plays an role to make you sleep better.

10. Increase libido

Increase libido

Many researchers claim that having sex actively can make your sex life with your partner enjoyable. Having sex at least two times a week can also increase a person’s sexual desire and increase the amount of vaginal lubrication.

In addition, diligently having sex with women can also make PMS lighter and less painful. As for men, they are making love often enough can prevent the risk of prostate cancer.


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