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The French Overseas Legion was based in 1831. Their religious residence and previous coaching centres are within the former colonial French North Africa though they now prepare primarily in Southern France. What made them the legendary drive they have been and nonetheless are? What classes can we be taught from them?

Just lately twelve volunteers selected to do 4 weeks fundamental coaching in Legion type within the Western Sahara desert. They have been underneath the cruel however skilled and inspiring regime of three ex-legionnaires, Sergeant Chef Peter Hauser, Sergeant Glenn Ferguson and Corporal Richard Sutter

Their experiences have been filmed by Channel four TV and might train us a lot about motivation and success. I’ve additionally talked with Sergeant Glenn Ferguson and gained some extra insights into what motivated him and the opposite legendary legionnaires.

He joined the Legion on the age of 19. He was motivated at first by concern of punishment after which by pleasure. He hated to fail at something and will additionally admire the pleasure of an elite group. One in every of his favorite sayings is:

“You’ll by no means be the most effective if you happen to always need to decrease the bar so the weaker components can be part of”

All through this system the three ex-legionnaires appeared eager for a number of the volunteers to ring a bell as an emblem of their want to depart the group. They wished to weed out the weaker components. Legionnaires with low requirements can get their fellow legionnaires killed.

Elite teams wouldn’t have the time to tolerate the weak or half hearted. They solely need members who’re prepared to provide 100% effort. They might fairly that ‘losers’ (people who find themselves lazy and half-hearted) didn’t be part of. One other saying of Sergeant Glenn Ferguson places this effectively:

“In case you did not come to be the most effective, then stick with the opposite losers”

Within the fashionable world the place everybody have to be inspired to affix all the pieces, this appears to be very old style and elitist however be aware that this saying does in truth make sense even at present. It’s not saying that you just have to be the most effective earlier than you be part of up.

You will need to simply need to be the most effective. This leaves room for the much less proficient as long as they’ve the proper angle. Any weak spot will quickly depart them as they endure the ache of the robust coaching regime of the Legion.

Because the Sergeant commented to his struggling protégés within the TV program:

“Ache is weak spot leaving your physique”

A number of of the volunteers began the coaching as ‘the weak’ however ended up as ‘the sturdy’. One former commented in this system that when he entered the legion, he believed he may do nothing. When he left after 5 years he believed he may do something. Such perception is a key aspect in any success.

I used to be a instructor for over 30 years in London Complete faculties. Everyone seems to be accepted into these faculties whether or not they’re ‘weak’ or ‘sturdy’. They’re all given the chance to be taught. Sadly, a minority usually are not solely ‘weak’; they do not need to develop into ‘sturdy’ or are too lazy to develop into ‘sturdy’ and so they don’t need anybody else to be ‘sturdy’.

When such lazy and disruptive pupils depart the college, the remaining make a lot sooner progress and might even get pleasure from their training. A contact of the French Overseas Legion angle in direction of the half-hearted and disruptive may effectively enhance our Complete system.

Sometimes a ‘loser’ reveals up in my martial arts courses; they do not need to work arduous besides on the bits they get pleasure from and so they distract the others. I do not care about their means or lack of it. The important thing issue is their angle. Happily I’m not compelled by the Authorities to maintain these college students. I can both ask them to go away or give them an opportunity to enhance.

I often give them an opportunity however, if their angle doesn’t enhance, I’m happy after they go. I are not looking for the vast majority of the category with a eager angle to lose their alternative to pay attention and make speedy progress. Coaching with like minded folks is the quickest street to success in any enterprise.

The French Overseas Legion doesn’t often give lazy folks a second likelihood. They’re out on their ear instantly or are shortly disciplined into accepting the foundations.

I used to be impressed by the French Overseas Legion ‘aperitif.’ This took the type of 10 pull ups earlier than the night meal. The volunteers discovered this robust as most of us would.

Sgt. Glenn Ferguson defined that this ‘aperitif’ was essential in battle. It’s no use having the ability to journey miles on foot after which not having the ability to pull your self up over a wall while you reached the place of battle. Higher physique energy is crucial for a soldier. One of many Sergeant’s favorite saying makes the purpose:

A person who cannot pull his personal physique weight is a waste of oxygen

I particularly favored the ‘aperitif’ train as a result of it includes day by day effort at a exact time. Any constant day by day effort produces spectacular outcomes. Performing the drill earlier than a meal or reward can also be a fantastic concept. Having a direct reward after some motion makes it simpler to carry out the motion. Each day efforts are a key think about any success story.

Sergeant Chef Peter Hauser, who had served with the legion’s elite parachute regiment everywhere in the world, taught the volunteers concerning the weapons and ways of the legion.

The volunteers have been in comparable territory (within the Western Saharan desert) to that during which the Legion within the sixties have been the final line of defence as France ‘s colonial Empire crumbled.

Simon Murray was a legionnaire from 1960 to 1965. He described the massive quantity of apparatus a legionnaire needed to carry:

“It’s a robust life since you’re carrying six days of rations. You have been most likely carrying about 40 kilos and you have four hand grenades; you’ve got acquired 200 rounds of ammunition; you’ve got acquired a sten gun; you’ve got acquired a few water bottles; you’ve got acquired a shovel, you’ve got acquired your sleeping equipment and half a tent. You are fairly weighed down and fairly often you’re going u phil l and lengthy, lengthy, lengthy arduous slogs and regularly males can be completely performed and collapse; after which the sergeants would kick them and transfer them alongside and would begin screaming at them. You may need a fever; you may need this that and the opposite. No one gave a rattling.”

The ruthless angle of the sergeants didn’t permit for excuses and excuses are a serious reason for failure in any enterprise. The sergeants like Sergeant Glenn Ferguson believed in pushing males past their limits. Most success tales comprise this aspect of extending your boundaries and breaking via your limitations. One of many sergeant’s favorite sayings is:

“In case you by no means are proven that your limits will be pushed, you’ll by no means know the way far you possibly can actually go.”

Close to the tip of the four weeks, the volunteers needed to do a typical Legionnaire eight km run in 60 minutes with a nasty becoming 12 kilogram pack on their backs. They needed to stroll two hours to get to the beginning of the run after an evening on sentry responsibility. Will, one of many volunteers, had very sore ankles however with the assistance of Corporal Rutter, he made it.:

“You are able to do it – little steps. One in entrance of the opposite. Come on Will – a final little bit of effort – you are able to do it. Come on; final little little bit of effort; you are able to do it; it come on. Come on! Grit your tooth! You are there! “

Will simply made it with ten seconds to spare. He put his success all the way down to Corporal Rutter’s assist however the Corporal put it all the way down to him. “In case you delve deep in your self you are able to do it – it is a thoughts factor – it is all in your thoughts.”

Once more this sort of angle and the encouragement that went with it results in success and achievement. I believe taking little steps in something is an enormous think about reaching success.

The principle cause recruits to the Legion drop out is due to foot issues attributable to the frequent lengthy marches and runs. Why do some maintain going whereas the others drop out?

Bobby, one of many remaining 4 volunteers, gave one cause:

“The optimistic folks appear to nonetheless be right here. It reveals {that a} smile and good nature can carry you thru most issues.”

On their closing day, the 4 profitable volunteers confronted the kepi march. The night time earlier than the march they’re informed the heroic story of Camerone. In the course of the Franco Mexican conflict in 1863 the Legion retreated to a farm home known as Camerone the place they have been surrounded by 2000 Mexican troopers.

When the Legionnaires fought all the way down to the final three males with out surrendering the Mexican captain let the three surviving males go together with their weapons and wounded comrades. He mentioned:

“What can we do with males akin to you?. You might have proven such braveness.” This esprit de corp is what the volunteers would want on the Kepi march.

Will likened the Kepi march to giving delivery. “On the time it is vitally painful however later you overlook all of the ache and assume it could be a good suggestion to have or do one other one. “

An Irish ex-legionnaire who featured briefly within the TV program commented that the kepi march is tough however that is simply the way in which it’s. “If it would not be tough, you would not be there. The blisters got here forth after which the blood got here forth.”

Sgt Glenn Ferguson described the actual march performed via the Pyrenees : “180 ok’s in three and a half days; 18 hours a day of marching . You stroll on these bloody stumps that was once your toes. You understand they’re in a nasty means as a result of you possibly can really feel it ( the Sergeant’s description was extra vibrant) however you simply maintain strolling and in about ten minutes your mind simply turns off and also you simply maintain going. On the finish your boots needed to be lower off – plenty of blood and many pores and skin.”

Finally all three workers and the 4 remaining volunteers, Bear, Bobby, Will and Loic completed the march and reached the Atlantic sea. Loic favored the symbolism of going via the desert after which touchdown within the sea. Everybody rushed into the Atlantic to rejoice.

Later all 4 have been offered with the kepi blanc as a memento. They might not be allowed to put on it however may maintain it to recollect their expertise. Solely actual legionnaires may put on the Kepi blanc

Loic had realized that on the finish of the day he may dwell a quite simple life on a awful mattress with a chilly bathe and that the materialistic points which trouble us imply completely nothing.

Bear, the chief of the volunteers, commented:

“We did not discover Beau Geste and the romantic myths of the legion. We discovered solely ache however from that ache got here pleasure and honour. No matter you say towards the legion it’s a must to notice that for the individuals who come via it provides an enormous sense of pleasure. And the energy of the legion is that it provides folks household and pleasure and a second likelihood. It builds good issues via the hardship.”

The next key success classes will be realized from this account:

Encompass your self with eager, hardworking individuals who need to be the most effective. Expel the lazy and half-hearted.

Take day by day motion to make your self stronger in each means.

Push your self past your imagined limitations

Hold smiling and keep good natured.

Settle for ache and hardship as a street to energy

Bear in mind previous achievements by your self or others

Encourage one another and if mandatory take small steps to achieve your objectives

Do not take pleasure in making excuses

Supply by John Watson

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