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The people that want to find on the Internet, what you are offering on your website, and visit your website, are called targeted traffic

What kind of traffic will visit your website?

You will be visited by:

*  People that were looking for another kind of products and services and arrived there by mistake
*  People that are looking for similar things to those that you offer at your site
*  People that are looking for what you have to offer

You must certainly try to avoid the visits of the first group, and encourage the second and the third group people



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The second group, are targeted traffic, and even when they are not going to buy YOUR products, may buy Affiliate Program’s products offered at your website or provide you a source of income through Adsense

And the third group is the kind of targeted traffic that’s going to arrive at your website, with a desire of finding what you are offering, and most probably buy it from you.

The targeted traffic might not be in a buying mood the day that they visit your website, but they will be receptive to your offerings, and if you give them a reason to return to your website (having a good content site), they might buy from you in the future.

You may have heard that what you need in order to do a good business with Internet is traffic, tons of traffic. But you don’t need just traffic, you need TARGETED traffic because is the only kind of visitors that will provide you a revenue.

So you don’t need any visitors, you need qualified or targeted visitors that will respond with a positive attitude, and will want to what you say at your site.

Can you do business with untargeted traffic?

Yes, you can, but it will cost you much more money and time to do it.

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For every 100 or 1000 bulk untargeted visitors you might find one that’s really interested in your offer, but if you are in a pay per click campaign you will need to pay for 100 or 1000 clicks to get each sale.

If you are trying to drive traffic through the search engines, is the same, you will need 100 or 1000 times more visitors to get the ones that really care for what you offer.

How can you get targeted traffic?

The most cost efficient way to attract targeted traffic to your website is utilizing the search engines, the directories, and links from other related sites.

And how will they provide you with targeted traffic?

They will do it if you reach a high ranking, because if you have the right product or service for your targeted customers, and when they search for it on the search engines or directories, you have your site on place 400, they most likely NEVER find you or buy from you.

So high ranking on the search engines will not only provide you with your targeted traffic, they will also provide you with credibility, and people that find you on their lists will arrive at your website, with the kind of mood that you need in a visitor.   Read more

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