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Fitness News – Weight Training Injury Prevention Report

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It is a known fact that weight training-related injuries are on the rise. This is only natural considering the fact that more people are attempting to remain fit now.

The Report in Brief

The report concerning the rise of weight training injuries that published recently (April 16, 2010) is based on the Center for Injury Research. Quite a large number of injuries had also been discovered by the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.” weight training ”

This study of weight-related increases accounts for cases that occurred from the 1990s to 2007. This is a time during which a 50 percent increase in injuries took place. Get your weight loss free samples blow AND weight training

The largest portion of these injury increases was reported in men ages 13 to 24. Usually, it was while using free weights and the majority of these were sprains and strains: weight training

Other injuries included: Upper body injuries, lower trunk pain, soft tissue injuries, and hand injuries. It should be noted though that even though most of the injuries that occurred in young people 18 to 24 the largest increase in incidences actually took place in people 45 and older.

The reason older people would get hurt is that they would over-exert themselves. This often is a result of too much lifting and pulling and the type of weight training they undergo

There, of course, is an increase in women participants in weight training too. However, not as much information has yet been provided about female weight trainers.

This is only a short segment of information provided in a report about this issue. Additional information can be found in “Weight Training-Related Injuries Increasing.” ‘weight loss free samples’ weight training

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Prevention Tips

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This next section is not taken from the same source as the above information about injuries. This is rather a collection of fitness safety tips related to weight training collected from a variety of publications.

There are a variety of reasons why injuries occur. This is a short list of tips based on those varying causes:

Illegal steroids-One main cause of weight training injuries is the use of anabolic steroids. People use them to obtain gains in strength and muscle. However, using steroids is illegal and can lead to torn muscles, tendons, or ligaments. These should NOT be used. Get your weight loss free samples below plus weight training

Inadequate warm-up-Another reason that injuries occur is because of not warming up properly. It is highly recommended that you stretch all the major muscles in your legs, arms, back, and abdomen before proceeding.

Inappropriate age-Sometimes adolescents who have not had their muscles fully developed can hurt themselves. Therefore, they should be under close supervision in case of injury. They should limit their weight lifting activity until after reaching puberty.

Improper technique-Sometimes people injure themselves while not using the weights the way they should be used. Don’t forget weight loss free samples is available and weight training

They also may not handle the weights the way they should be handled. Bouncing, jerking, or throwing them is a very bad idea. Sometimes a person can also extend his/her back in a way he/she should not either, or extending it too often can be dangerous.

Dangerous exercises-Sometimes there are exercises you may have been taught that are not safe. For instance, pull-downs behind the neck can put excessive stress on the neck and shoulders. In this particular case, front/lat pull-downs are recommended instead.




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International Street Style Fashion

International Street Style Fashion
International Street Style Fashion






Every week, Cocktail Revolution curates a selection of the best international street style looks from the world’s fashion capitals. That means that you’re always up to date, even ahead, of the style stakes before the trends hit Australian streets.

For those of you who love street style fashion, are “street stylers”, or who just want to keep up with the very latest style from around the world, we’ve got you covered. Our international gallery takes in Paris, London and New York of course. But for those of you with broader tastes, we also canvas what’s happening in Tokyo and Seoul, Moscow, Copenhagen, Denmark and Oslo, for example. We’ve been known to post from Capetown, Athens, Hong Kong and Vancouver. If it’s top street style fashion, we’ll share.

Special Note. Photos in these curated galleries are selected from unsponsored sources. Rather than coming from styled photo shoots which promote a particular label or fashion brand, they are authentic, unscheduled, and completely unplanned snaps of people captured by an international band of some of the world’s best photographers.

Street Style Australia | Fashion Trends

This week our shutterbugs have been busy street style spotting in Melbourne and the Gold Coast! Tap for more info or a slideshow of the street style Australia gallery. Vote for your favourite style until the timer counts down to zero. Check out all our previous top-voted favourites here!

If you’d like to feature in our gallery, send your own snaps via our Contact Us page. Top-voted favourite will receive a custom Tee of their choice from High Tees Australia and may be invited to model for a fashion shoot. Or, tag @cocktailrev on a photo of yourself on instagram!

Every week, Cocktail Revolution is out there pounding the streets looking for the style that turns heads. From quirky to high-end, if you’ve turned our heads with your unique style, you could be featured in our weekly national street style gallery. Published every Thursday after the clock counts down to zero, you’ll have a week to vote for your favourite style, before the new weekly gallery is published.


 # Street Style Australia



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Bodylastics Home Gym Resistance Bands – How Does It Fare Against P90X, Bowflex And Free Weights

Do you own the Power 90 extreme DVD workout, and are looking for good exercise bands to use with them, or just straight up want to workout in the comfort of your own home. Then the Bodylastics home gym may be the perfect addition for your at home workout.

In this article, we will discuss a few commonly asked questions and debunk some myths about Bodylastics Home Gym Resistance Bands. A lot of people are skeptical of what they will add to their exercise routine, or what they do on their own, when compared to going to a gym.

1. “P90X offers their own exercise bands, why not buy those?”

While P90X does offer its own set of strength bands, they are limited and do not offer the same tension levels and other things that the Bodylastics Home Gym Resistance Bands offers. For example, the lifetime warranty, online training website and a daily video streaming workout.

The B-Line bands, as the P90X bands are often called, offer only 40-50 lbs. of tension, whereas the Bodylastic offer anywhere from 5 to 388 pounds of tension. So no matter what age or physical build, you can feel comfortable with the amount of weight you are using.

2. “I do not own a P90X but I want to get in shape, gyms are the best for that, not Bodylastics Home gym Resistance Bands.”

The truth is you can get the same workout, or even better with exercise bands, as you can with free weights, and much less with less risk.

Since you can go at a fluid speed with strength bands, there is no risk to joint injury, unlike free weights. Not to mention that the fitness tubes sell for less than fifty dollars, where as with free weights… fifty dollars worth will get you only about 50 pounds of weight. However, with the exercise tubes you will get up to 234 pounds. To get up to 150 lbs. in free weights you will more than likely have to drop another 100.00 dollars. And don’t forget you also need to purchase a bench, and a pull up bar.


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3. “All my friends say Bowflex and the Total Gym is better, why not just buy one of those?”

While the Bowflex or Total Gym on the surface may appear to have more to offer you, in reality you are overpaying for what you’re getting.

For example, the Total Gym will run you about $1000 dollars depending on which model you choose however, the thousand dollars is just for the basic model. And if you want to consider Bowflex it’s almost double that!

The Bodylastics Home Gym Resistance Bands are at maximum $120 and offer up to 255 lbs. or more of tension. It comes with a circuit training DVD, diet and nutrition guide and a lifetime defects warranty.

While there are other options out there for exercise equipment, when it comes to price and results, the Bodylastics Home Gym Resistance Bands are by far the better choice. For only a small investment, you get everything you need to get the results you want.


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