The Working Stress of Feminine Employees at Timber Processing Business in Bandar Lampung

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1.1. Background

At current, the usage of stress terminology has been accepted broadly within the research of human assets administration. Fred Luthans outlined stress as an adaptive response towards exterior state of affairs resulted in bodily psychological deviation and or altering of habits among the many members of a company (1995). On this contact, stress is believed because the trigger and unexpectedly because the outcomes of varied elements present in a working atmosphere. De Cenzo and Robbins (1999) said "Work-related stress is led to by each organizational and particular person elements. ..These in flip are influenced by particular person variations." There fore stress is not going to occur instantaneously, as an alternative it occur by means of a protracted course of. It means, regardless that organizational and particular person elements have the potential to evoke stress, however not all the time resulted in a degree one as there have been completely different particular person elements that can decide the extent of stress skilled by any particular person employee.

The impression evoked by the stress just isn’t all the time unfavourable. De Cenzo and Robbins (1999) said that stress may very well be manifested each in unfavourable and optimistic method. It’s mentioned to be optimistic if it might ship a most efficiency. But when the stress hampered the efficiency, it’s mentioned as unfavourable.

Adverse stress might trigger unhealthy impacts each to the person and group (Dressler, 2000). Among the many unfavourable impacts there was the lower of working efficiency, the emergence of bodily illness, melancholy through the work and the lower of group productiveness. And financially, the degree of stress skilled on the working web site will improve the price of medical remedy paid by the employer. This truth was skilled by PT. Pupuk Kujang Cikampek that ought to pay well being declare on the quantity to Rp. 1.479.715,148,00 within the 12 months of 2002. And degree of absent of seven% – 10% month-to-month. The identical case additionally skilled by employees on the garment trade in Bandung. As pointed of by Meri and Madelina (1997) feminine employees at textile, garment ands stocking trade had been experiencing numerous well being downside, amongst others headache, badback, stomachache and irregular menstruation.

Dialogue about working stress skilled by feminine employees turns into vital as the overall variety of feminine employees who labored within the industrial sector in Lampung Province these day not lower than 27,114 girls or 40.30% of the overall variety of employees in industrial sector. We understand that the function performed by a girl is heavier than the one performed by male employees. At house girl is accountable for numerous home maintain, kids and husband issues. This burden shall be heavier and heavier every time a girl ought to play a double roles, each as a mom of family and as feminine employee.

Speaking about feminine employees in industrial sector is speaking about not so satisfying phenomenon. Feminine employees suffered from so many issues on this sector. Surveys carried out by Mari Pangestu and Madelina Ok. Hendytio in 1997 indicated that feminine employees had been left behind within the circumstances of wage issues, well being safety an different rights. The existence of this phenomenon was supported by the analysis of Ferde Yusuf (1998) mentioning that probably the most outstanding function throughout the world of labor had been a protracted working hour (12-14 hours a day), month-to-month labor flip over (5% – 7%) in addition to very excessive every day absent (10%).

The existence of working stress among the many feminine employees was additionally revealed via interviewing among the feminine employees from completely different jobs. The existence of stress signs in working was indicated by the frequency of affected by headache, ache in he digestion, nervousness, feeling of suppressed and really excessive charge of absence. And there was even a bent that they had been absent 1-2 days in a month.

1.2. Drawback Formulation of the Research

a. Drawback Formulation

Primarily based on the analyzed downside background the formulation of the issue is a adopted:

1.How is the working stress of the feminine employees on the Bandar Lampung wooden processing trade?

2.What elements did affect the working stress of the feminine employees?

3.How was the management of feminine employees on wage issues on the Bandar Lampung wooden processing trade?


a. The Working Stress Conduction of Feminine Employees at Timber Processing Business

Outcomes of the research indicated that working stress was skilled by the entire feminine employees. There have been two issues differentiated between a one feminine employee and the opposite. Firstly, there was a distinction within the frequency in experiencing the disturbance. Secondly, not all of them skilled the identical sort of disturbance. For instance, there was a employee who tends of getting extra of bodily disturbance like ail (be ailing or be sickly) reasonably than having psychological disturbance. It seems that there was no relationship between the depth of stress impression among the many feminine employees with age, working expertise and the variety of household burden. The outcomes of the research indicated that there was no relationship between these variables with the stress skilled by the feminine employees.

Though there have been some circumstances however statistical exams didn’t assist this tendency. This case is completely different with the discovering of De Cenzo and Robbins who said that working experiences, notion, social assist and the extent of hostility are variables, that would reign the extent of stress skilled. For instance, employees with the identical working burden wouldn’t essentially expertise the identical degree of disturbance. On this case, the employee who has extra working expertise much less stress evaluate to her inexperienced counterpart.

Situation of Bodily Well being

It seems that in response to the outcomes of the research, 88,62% of the feminine employees working on the timber processing trade skilled bodily well being disturbance. The type of the disturbance had been starting from headache, abdomen upset (digestion disturbance), coronary heart illness, whirling or dizzy and irregular menstruation. There have been 68,8% feminine employees with digestion disturbance. This disturbance was within the type of abdomen dysfunction, slight abdomen upset, or different sort of disturbances. Based on one of many feminine employees, they are going to expertise abdomen upset every time the supervisor scolded them.

From the outcomes it seems that 99.1% of the feminine employees had had unhealthy headache as the results of the stress. Though the entire feminine employees ever suffered from unhealthy headache however none of them must be handled or hospitalized and stopped working. To beat the headache often they consumed duty-free-medicine similar to paramex, panadol, and many others. The identical state of affairs additionally legitimate for the opposite illnesses. To many of the feminine employees, headache, abdomen upset, dizziness, and many others, are imagined to be a customary or regular factor and there’s no relation with their job.

The Situation of Psychological

There are some strategies to seek out out whether or not or not a feminine employee is actually experiencing a stress at work, specifically by making use of psychological well being take a look at by means of psychological take a look at and observe the bodily, psychological signs and the altering of habits. On this research the strategy used was observing the signs among the many feminine employees. Psychological disturbance skilled by a feminine employee who’s experiencing working stress are problem to sleep (insomnia), feeling anxious at work, feeling of below stress at work, and shedding of focus at work. Based on the results of the research, it seems that 86.64% of the feminine employees had been experiencing this type of disturbance. The type of probably the most frequent psychological disturbance skilled was feeling of nervous at work. This sense was associated to the persistence working relationship between employees and employer that very often threaten to put off the employees if the she couldn’t fulfill manufacturing goal. Based on the identical feminine employees threaten to put off additionally come from supervisors, the supervisors use this threatening phrases if there may be the employee who had been working too slowly or to take relaxation too typically through the working hours. This risk actually alarmed the employees as a result of their life's burden are very heavy. Nonetheless they should go on working to fulfill their want and their household.

Surprisingly is that there have been 73.3% of the feminine employees suffered from insomnia and 14.7% of these suffered insomnia fairly often. Thus it was virtually sure that the working burden or some occasions or incidents on the work web site have loaded on them and been introduced house. That is actually not situation for married employees and employees with kids. Working issues that introduced house and made them to be tough to sleep often might set off different issues or incident similar to loosening her relationship with the husband and kids and even evoke bodily illness because the consequence of extreme fatigue or wearness because of lack of resting.

If we take a look at it additional apparently numerous working burden and residing burden have seized a lot of the eye of feminine employees in order that it’s tough for them to categorise or to type between working issues and the family issues. The incapacity to categorise the varied issues gave impression of shedding focus of the feminine employees at work. A few of the feminine employees admitted that they as soon as experiencing working accident because of misplaced of focus throughout working.

The Change of Conduct

The existence of working stress among the many girl employees can be detected from the altering of their habits. Feminine employees change into taciturn all of the sudden, simply offended or delicate, or exhibiting uncommon or irregular habits seem like an indication that they’re experiencing stress. The research confirmed 88,8% of the feminine employees experiencing altering of habits within the type of simply offended or delicate and 84,5% feeling depressed or melancholy at work. A few of the interviewed employees admitted that the altering of habits has occurred with out their consciousness. Often such a habits will change together with the disappearance of the issue they’re dealing with. That means the better the issue the longer the interval of restoration.

From the results of commentary on feminine employees at wooden processing trade it confirmed that not one of the altering of habits pushed them to execute undersured due. Some slight outstanding habits altering pushed them to be in a quarrel because the consequence of their incapacity to beat the dispute.

b. Components that prompted Working Stress among the many Feminine Employees on the Wooden Processing Business

Demand of Duties

The outcomes of this research indicated that working burden is a very powerful causal issue of stress skilled by the feminine employees. This issue is intently associated to the sort of work, the size of the working hours and the time of working. As talked about beforehand, the work that ought to be accomplished by a employee of the timber processing trade is known as a fairly heavy job. Data gained from some employee said that each division or a part of the manufacturing unit has been loaded with a manufacturing goal on every day foundation. It means employees of a sure division ought to carry on working till the every day goal is attained and can cease every time the goal has been fulfilled. So, it isn’t stunning if they’ve the shortest working hours of Eight hours a day or on the minimal 48 hours per week. Such a working hours is actually not a brief working hours. Particularly if it elevated to 10 or 11 hours a day. Such a working hours is actually not a burden for a feminine employee particularly for married girl with kids.

One other indicator that would additionally evoke stress amongst feminine employees was the absence of autonomy and feed again of the working product. There have been 93,1% and 87,1% feminine employees who felt depressed as a result of absence of autonomy signifies that it’s forbidden for the employees to make a regulation and dealing system that be based mostly on their abilities. All jobs ought to be accomplished conform with prior process and goal determined beforehand. The identical case additionally occur with feed again, the feminine employees felt that they didn’t get passable suggestions because the analysis on their work (product). They do hope that the manufacturing of their work to be evaluated and this analysis shall be offered to them. Though the consequence of fine analysis on the product is the converment of a reward, however for the feminine employees on the timber processing trade the existence of reward or eulogy from the senior or employer was the hope they had been ready for because the acknowledgment on their achievement . To this point, the acknowledgment on the achievement was offered by means of the wages with out contemplating how lengthy a employee already within the service. For among the employees it isn’t honest as a result of years of their experiences was handled alike with those that just a few months in service.

From the interview with among the employees it seems that they should work with instruments and gear no matter there may be or with damaged instruments and gear in order that they’ve to attend for repairing of them. That is, in fact, might change into an vital supply of working stress as a result of they should chase a hard and fast goal.

Demand of Function

On this research, function is meant to be a set of habits that ought to be carried out as a consequence of the work. On this case, as a person a employee ought to behave as somebody who has a want and hope that ought to be fulfilled by means of working. However on the opposite aspect, a employee is a subordinate who has to concentrate to and perform many duties which typically be in contradiction with or overlap together with her curiosity and even evoke confusion to the employee herself.

The results of this research indicated that demand of function that consisted of function battle, overload function and ambiguity function structure an indicator that would evoke working stress on the feminine employees working at timber processing trade.

Demand of Interpersonal Relationship

Primarily based on the outcomes of the research there have been 89.25% feminine employees suffered from stress because of poor interpersonal relationship at work. The poor interpersonal relationship may very well be seen from the absence of openness, absence of consideration, no assist, discriminative remedy, poor interplay with working companions and feeling of being insulted expertise by feminine employees.

The very best stress skilled by the feminine employees was the absence of openness between superior, employee, and dealing companion. The rising truth was that each superior and dealing colleague. A lot of the employee felt that it isn’t crucial for them to be open with different working colleagues, particularly in relation with private issues. Due to this fact the rising relationship was formal interplay which was not intimate and fewer pleasant. This case was enforced by the absence of empathy from the superior and dealing colleague for the issue confronted by employee. This indicated that individualistic city lifestyle start to assault employees who a few of them exactly come from numerous suburb of Bandar Lampung. This individualistic angle was intently associated to the necessity of continuous the working relationship with the enterprise, as a result of if there was a working colleague struck down with downside then the chance for them to carry out will improve.

The shortage of assist from the superior was mirrored from the extent of wage which was not so whereas in actual fact they had been already in service of Eight to 11 hours a day and typically should work within the evening shift. If such angle of the superior could be completely there it may very well be ascertained that the destiny of the feminine employees shall be continuously disrespected by the enterprise. Logically if a girl is prepared to change into a employee at one of many timber processing trade it signifies that economically the lifetime of this girl shall be very apprehensive. Due to this fact they are going to take no matter with a purpose to fulfill their residing requirement and their household requirement regardless that they are going to be paid poorly by the enterprise.

The results of the research additionally indicated that the feminine employees working on the timber processing trade had been experiencing discriminative remedy may very well be seen from the extent of wages that on the common feminine wages was decrease than male wages, or it is also seen from the chance to be na larger place similar to a place of a superior, and many others. From right here it may very well be seen that the distinction between feminine and male is a classical downside that stay being saved continuously for numerous pursuits on goals. One of many goals was an effort to maintain the feminine employees stay below management and be prepared to be paid with low wages.

Poor relationship at work was apparently as a result of look of male working colleagues at work. On the quantity of 88.8% of feminine employees had been below stress from the poor relationship with their male counterpart. Male employees have unhealthy view on feminine employees and there was a bent hat man prefer to insult them. The insulting act will be categorized into two lessons:

1) Oblique act of insulting like mentioning soiled phrases, or intentionally invite feminine employee to speak associated issues.

2) Direct act of insulting like tempting or teasing, maintain on her or the opposite improper act by a person to a girl.

The chance of insulting feminine employees to occur was actually opened as there was a bodily examination process on employees earlier than and after working hour. This process was implement by the employer to forestall employees from bringing out articles belong to the manufacturing unit.

Group Construction

The outcomes of the research indicated that the various burden positioned on them was one of many reason behind working stress among the many feminine employees. There have been 96,6% of the feminine employees who said that the working burden made them to expertise stress. Group construction gave fairly nice contribution to the stress skilled by feminine employees. The unfair wage system, discriminative coverage advert the absence of involvement within the management of choices had been some group construction indicators that evoke stress amongst feminine employees. And it was certainly in order said by one of many feminine employees, they’re not often be concerned within the determination making and there are a lot of rules that ought to be carried out and didn’t present them any competence in working.

Group Management

Management seems to be the product of interplay between superior and subordinates in numerous state of affairs, each in working and outdoors the working conditions. This interplay will produce both like or dislike opinion or feeling. Efficient management will follows if the interplay between superiors an subordinates passed off satisfyingly.

Within the context of interplay between feminine employees and their superior, glad feeling on the angle and habits of the superiors would evoke peaceable feeling, improve working need and employee's motivation to work higher. Quite the opposite, if the interplay passed off unsatisfyingly than what would evoke shall be a strained feeling, concern and stress at work. Satisfying superior is an individual who will be seen (met) simply, is useful, prepared to listen to the issues confronted by his / her subordinates, prepared to simply accept and act honest and equitable to the entire subordinates.

Based on the outcomes of the research it’s 95,7% of feminine employees suffered from stress due the angle of the superior which didn’t give any consideration to them. It signifies that the angle that proven by the superior, on this case the superiors, has evoked stress to the employees in order that they felt uncomfortable at work. Particularly many of the supervisors all the time say one thing threatening to dismiss lazy employees, and many others.

On the whole, description about their superiors (supervisors) talked about by the feminine employees was specifically: tough to be met or to be seen by the feminine employees and even they felt it isn’t crucial for them to see the employees besides through the working hours, not prepared to assist every time the employee is experiencing problem or hassle, particularly exterior the working hour, not prepared to take heed to employee's issues, and even not prepared to take heed to employee's criticism or causes from the employees, not prepared to take heed to the suggestion from the employees and eager to be the one winner, couldn’t deal with the employee pretty.

Household Issues

On the whole it’s tough for the feminine employees to launch herself from private and household's downside on the time they’re at work. They’re so delicate to family issues that regardless of the issues they’re dealing with at house will all the time be taken alongside by chance to work.

Aside from downside with husband, different indicator that would evoke stress amongst feminine employees was the situation and the habits of the kids. It’s very often they’ve needed to go to work in a nervous situation as a result of the kids had been sick or numerous downside attributable to her baby within the social affiliation lack of management on the kids is the direct impression from a family mom who concerned in searching for a residing. Evaluate to the poor relationship with the husband then the varied issues which associated to the kids, evidently gave extra burden to the feminine employees at work. From right here, we might see the portrait of a feminine employee as a girl that ought to be sturdy as a result of numerous roles she ought to play just isn’t all the time run easily.
Financial Issues

Employee who’s dealing with financial downside, not crucial signifies that the amount of cash she obtained is simply too little however ore to the of hope within the monetary downside. Somebody shall be pleased in doing work regardless that he obtain fee just a bit cash. Quite the opposite, somebody who obtain even an enormous amount of cash won’t ever be glad as a result of all of the hopes he obtained. Due to this fact, nominally, the amount of cash as wages for somebody could be very relative and won’t instantly associated to the stress they skilled at work.

Outcomes of the research indicated that 85.3% of the feminine employees felt the stress because of financial issues they’re experiencing. The financial downside meant had been the requirement for home lease, price for meals, kids training allowances and different issues similar to debt installment, and many others. The very best stress because of financial downside was on the kids training allowance which is rising an increasing number of tough attain.

Whereas the second indicator that additionally evoked working stress, was the home lease which is all the time rising. That is taking place as a result of many of the employees haven’t personal a home of themselves or nonetheless reside at manufacturing unit's residence. Some married feminine employees should lease home on the surrounding of the manufacturing unit with a purpose to meet the regulation of the manufacturing unit (employer) with the consequence has to go away household and kids all alongside the day time or all alongside the evening time.

Different monetary downside confronted by feminine employees was that almost all of them have debt installment that ought to be paid from the wage they obtained. There 85,3% feminine employees twisted by debt and should pay the installment. It will likely be tougher because the obtained wage was not so large enough after which what was actually occurred; settled the debt in a single place and make a brand new one in one other (dig a gap and pile the outlet).

One other indicator that additionally evoked stress skilled by the feminine employees was the every day price of residing. Particularly after the rise of BBM (refined gas oil) value, then the rise of meals value couldn’t be compensated by the extent of the current wages. The one potential resolution was decreasing the frequency of time for from 3 times a day to twiced a day with no matter aspect dish (dish served with rice) there may be.

Primarily based on the outcomes of the research's information and utilizing issue evaluation, the entire stress evoked elements described beforehand had been analyzed on the premise of indicators that constituted them and the indications had been later categorized into dominant elements which considerably evoked stress among the many feminine employees working on the timber processing trade, specifically:

1. Working design
2. Bodily atmosphere and the angle of the supervisors
3. Working gear and instruments and the demand on function
4. Formality
5. Working relationship
6. Rules and pursuits exterior the work
7. The household
8. The discriminative remedy

The Affect of Dominant Components on the Working Stress of Feminine Employees

From the outcomes of statistical exams it was proven that dominant elements influenced the working stress skilled by feminine employees. It was additionally proven that working design has a unfavourable relationship with working stress. That means, that there was a bent that the decrease the extent of autonomy and the involvement of the employees in determination making, the upper the extent of stress on feminine employees at work.

Each partially and concurrently this dominant elements influenced the extent of stress skilled by feminine employees at work. The impression as a result of existence of dominant elements was the emergence of each physiological and psychological illness and the altering of habits among the many feminine employees. A few of the bodily illnesses contracted had been abdomen upset and headache. Whereas psychological illnesses that contracted fairly often had been the emergence of nervous feeling and disappearance of focus throughout working that doubtlessly find yourself in a working accident. Though the altering of habits among the many feminine employees was nonetheless within the protected class, this case want consideration as a result of it might set off a battle on the working web site.

From the research outcomes it was additionally realized that the stress skilled by the feminine employees has an impression on their weak management to household's financial assets similar to a progressive wage coverage.
Feminine Employees Management an Wage Issues Coverage

Numerous information within the area indicated that feminine employees had been within the weak place and haven’t any bargaining energy on the enterprise administration. The low degree of wages, discrimination and poor working situation are evidences that feminine employees as a manufacturing too had been being systematically and measurally contaminated loss.

They made feminine employees weak spot as cause to function or to make use of them for revenue so that permit alone to offer management to the wages coverage, noting else then to regulate the household financial assets they might not do it.

The weak management of the feminine employees are usually because of particular person and environmental elements. Individually, feminine employees working timber processing trade is a girl who deliberately left the home because of financial pushing. Incapacity of a husband or the top of the household to satisfy or to fulfill the necessity of the household grew to become a cause for the feminine employee to work exterior the home. By means of working, a feminine was hoped to assist household financial system and unexpectedly to have stronger management on the household assets together with the use.

Direct impression of the involvement of feminine to earn household residing was their weak management on the kids and lack of consideration obtained by the kids from their dad and mom. It is because the lengthy working hour and typically should additionally take evening shift. The shortage of assist from the situation of the dwelling make the habits of the kids uncontrollable. The assorted situation of the dwelling sturdy sufficient to evoke stress om the feminine at work.

The financial motive make girl prepared to work as manufacturing unit laborer with wages determined earlier than hand by the corporate. They accepted each remedy with none energy or capability to oppose. As soon as once more, this financial motive that had been exploited the corporate to push wages, to determine excessive working hour normal and numerous different working regulation that didn’t take aspect with the feminine employees. In a single aspect feminine working hour was equal to male's however they’re completely different in wages. The nice variety of girl that entered into human energy market with out enough talent accompany to set off the exploitation of feminine.

With numerous household and dealing web site circumstances as its background, the feminine employees are very potential to endure from working stress. With this working stress situation it is rather inconceivable for them to make extra useful bargaining with the corporate. Our human energy system has been systematically established and feminine laborers are contained in the system as a celebration that deliberately being weakened.

Numerous girl laborer motion partially incapable to alter the laborer-employer relationship system. Psychological contract that change into the start of business relationship had been deliberately be damaged for the curiosity of the employer. Systematically, the feminine employees have been made powerless in order that they haven’t any likelihood to provoke correction on employer coverage. That’s the reason it’s apparent that feminine laborers haven’t sufficient management on the wages matter coverage and dealing circumstances.

Conclusions and Solutions


1. Usually it has been confirmed that feminine employees working at timber processing trade had been experiencing working stress 2. There have been Eight elements, that evoked working stress on the feminine employees working stress on the feminine employees working at timber processing trade which additional be known as as dominant, specifically: working design, bodily working atmosphere and superior's angle, working gear and instruments and function demand, formality, working relationship, regulation and pursuits exterior the worksite, household, and discriminative remedies. 3. Because the consequence of those numerous dominant elements, the management by feminine employees on wages matter coverage change into weak.


1. The need to have feminine employee motion that may systematically and structured give advocacy to the feminine employees basically. This may be attained by means of establishing girl labor union as a response to the impotence of the corporate labor union to guard the curiosity of girl laborers. 2. Be constant within the implementation of the labor's regulation that clearly take away any farm of discrimination utterly 3. The aim of opening entry for the feminine laborer that can do autonomous effort to have the ability to contribute one thing better to the household.

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